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Why Litigation Technology is Important to Law Firms.

The court does not tolerate mediocrity which means the litigation process has to be carried out as per the law. There is need for data collection in order to get ready for the litigation process and this does not end at analyzing the data but also organizing it so that even if you present the information to someone else you will not have to take hours explaining for them to understand. At times, this can be pages and pages and you might burn out even before you get to court. Times have changed and lawyers do not have to rely on pen and paper to put down the research they have accomplished. E-discovery has just been recently introduced in the legal field and if you are yet to take advantage of it then you should. If you are wondering what ediscovery is all about, it is the process by which litigators identify, collect and produce ESI for the purpose of using it in a case or investigation. You can get the information from websites, social media, video files, audio, voicemail, databases, presentations, documents, and emails.

This is not a job for a newbie because the information that is usually pulled out is a lot and it has to be sifted until you get what you are looking for and then find a storage space that is going to be enough. However, there is no denying that this is the better route for legal firms to take as long as they can find professionals to handle the ediscovery part of the business for them. When court documents have to be presented or used as evidence, there is the need to read between the line to ensure there is no way something is included that can be used to implicate the side you are on. Instead of having to rewrite the whole document in order to leave out the parts you want to keep private, use litigation technology to eliminate the clauses and you will be ready to print the document in minutes.

When you are looking for specific information, e-discovery allow you to use tags or metadata to pull-out the information within minutes. Law firms which are still using the old methods will require paralegals to search for the specific details and when there are a lot of document to be checked, this might take a whole week or even longer. Because you cannot expect one paralegal to be serving everyone in the firm, the human resource department will have to recruit many paralegals and the salary budget will have to be adjusted upwards which can see the profit margin go down. You just have to work with firms which offer e-discovery services like DS legal and your time as an attorney will be much better because researching on cases will not be an issue.

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