8 Different Types of Sensual Massages You Can Get At a Massage Parlor

Anna/ January 22, 2019/ Health & Fitness

A lot of people seem to think that massage parlors are simply fronts for sensual services and not much else. But that’s a misconception bought on by fake massage parlors with untrained attendants. The authentic ones such as the real places for sensual massage in Montreal have trained masseuses who may be experts in a particular massage discipline. At some special massage parlors, you may even get your choice of sensual massage type.

Here are some examples of sensual massages you should try out:

1.     Tantric Massage

Tantric experiences probably became a lot more famous when it came out that the musician and his wife practiced Tantric massages. This is an Indian discipline related somewhat to yoga, and it’s sometimes referred to as the ‘Science of Ecstasy”. It focuses on the sexual awareness and spiritual concentration between the giver and the receiver of the massage. As the receiver, you just need to concentrate only on the experience and how your personal needs are met. It’s all about the relaxation you get afterwards.

2.     Lingam Massage

This is a type of genital massage for a male client, and it involves the stimulation of the entire male genital area. This includes the penis, testicles, perineum (the area between the testicles and the anus) and the external prostate.

You don’t need to ejaculate to enjoy the massage, but it happens and the masseuse considers this a normal after effect. It’s all about the pleasure you receive.

3.     “Happy Ending” Massage

This time the goal is your ejaculation if you’re the male client. It involves the direct stimulation of the penis, although different places may offer their own time frames. In some cases, you may receive a full body massage and then get the happy ending as the conclusion of the massage.

4.     Prostate Massage

There’s a scene in the movie Road Trip that’s played for laughs, when a character donates sperm and he receives a prostate massage to accelerate the process. But in Tantra, the stimulation of the prostate is designed to release both psychological and physical pressure. It can be a rather strong experience (especially for first-timers) and sometimes this is done with the Lingam massage.

5.     Yoni Massage

This is the feminine version of the Lingam massage, and in this case the client is female. The giver of the massage also enjoys the experience, and this builds trust and respect between the giver and the receiver. Some clients receive this treatment to alleviate certain sexual issues such as sexual pain or anorgasmia (the inability to achieve orgasm).

It’s similar to Lingam that the ultimate objective isn’t for the receiver to achieve orgasm. It’s for the simple pleasure of receiving the massage stimulation so that the receiver can simply enjoy herself.

6.     4-Hands Massage

As the name implies, here you get 2 masseuses to provide you with a full body massage. The sensation of 4 hands in contact with your body all at once is certainly unique and invigorating. It’s also often a visual delight, and many places have mirrors for you to enjoy the view.

In many cases the massage may also involve full body to body contact. You and the masseuses have oil applied to your bodies so they can slide their bodies down the length of yours.

7.     Nuru Massage

This is a Japanese discipline, and it involves a full body massage with oils on both the receiver and giver of the massage. It’s a very sensual and intimate experience.

8.     Soapy Massage

This type of massage often precedes other forms of sensual massages. Both the receiver and giver of the massage stand under the shower while the giver uses soap to lather the receiver’s body. It’s one of the massages that many people at home try to learn, though it’s a unique experience to receive it at a massage parlor.

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