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The Popularity of Digital Magazines

Back in the day, magazine were only in physical form. Popular today are digital magazines in our world that is becoming more and more paperless. There used to be a time when these glossy magazines were the ones that kept us from being bored waiting in the doctor’s office or on a plane or any situation that you need to pass the time by. Glossy magazines are slowly becoming obsolete. One can find digital versions of magazines online while other companies have gone completely digital.

The price of printing has made digital magazines very popular today. Publishers find it difficult to survive if they will not move their media to digital format. There is great expense in printing, paper, and distribution and not so many people are buying magazines these days. The magazines that people have loved to read before are now available online in digital format. These digital magazines cost a lot less for subscription because there are less costs for the publisher.

There are some people today who would rather read paper magazines. And, in order to make reading more comfortable, some have used laptops, tablets, media friendly cell phones. Reader devices are now being produced by major companies so that reading experience is more like reading printed materials.

There are many benefits and features that digital magazines have then a glossy ones. Advanced technology has been useful in giving more functionality to digital magazines that companies are producing. If you will read a digital magazine today your will find that it is interactive, has many hyperlinks which allow you to read related articles, and some have additional technological components including music, movie clips, audio downloads, animation, and TV commercials. These added features to digital magazines make it more attractive to people who want to get more out of the reading experience.

Many magazine publishers today are having difficulty staying in business. Many publishing business, while knowing that digital media is the way to go, find it difficult to convert because of the cost of converting to digital media and how it will affect their company and their sales. Now, these companies are in the process of finding out how the conversion will work and if it will be able to sustain their business. Business do not find it very simple to convert from print to digital media. Conversion involves a lot of factors. It is important for these publisher to convert the design of the magazine so that people will continue to be attracted to it. Whatever it had in print like ads and articles should all be there plus the additional qualities of readability and easy navigation. All this can be done today using software. These are user friendly tools. With this, we can expect digital magazines to be around for a long time.

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