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The Specific Reason Why Vitamin C is Important in the Shower Filter

The shower filter can be considered as the most less known industry but can be considered to be competitive since a lot of people are now informed that it is important to get a filtered water.

The truth is that your own body has the capacity to absorb the contaminants from the air as the chlorine and the chloramines in the entire duration of the shower can get you to consume an unfiltered kind of water.

In the time of shower the pores are beginning to open and makes it absorbent which can be comparable to a sponge a lot of contaminants like the chlorine are unstable in the water and can be able to evaporate easily allowing the chlorine vapors to be inhaled by the skin and in the lungs the chlorine levels of our shower can vary in the day.
If chlorine can be seen in the shower water is maintained by the water supply and repeated exposure to such huge amount of chlorine has been said to link to various problems like the miscarriages and certain type of cancer but some are using this to be disinfectants.

One of the reasons for this change is based on recent studies that claim the use of free chlorine can generate what are known as THMs or Trihalomethanes.
One of the reasons for this kind of change is based on the recent studies that claims the use of free chlorine can get Trihalomethanes.

THMS are now made when free chlorine comes to contact with organic material present in the water supply it is said to believe that the higher levels of THMs are increasing the risk of cancer and the miscarriages of humans.

The usage of chloramines can now reduce the entire THMS in the water but most be used in a higher concentrations which can be effective as pure chlorine.

But then nobody knows the long term effects of chloramine on the human body after all the are telling us the free chlorine was safe on the past 1000 years.

There are dozens kinds of brands in terms of water filter on the market today the majority of the filters rely on the wide choices of filter in the market known as Kinetic Degradation Fluxion which is known to reduce the chlorine.

There are others that are combining the KDF with some kind of the activated charcoal which are all identical to it.

The alternative method is now removing the free and the combined chlorine removing the free and the combined method involving the vitamin C.

This method of dechlorination has been used for a lot of years by the EPA to dechlorine waste water before the reintroduction in the environment although it can be costy Vitamin C dechlorination gives off nearly perfect results without the negative impact on the wildlife environment.

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