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Tips for Buying Quality Health Supplements

Do you take health supplements? You sure are not alone. About 66{a92f8dd4ab15a0583cb31de7856d9891b717aefc242c6fc068df60f5aa669fd1} of adults and 33{a92f8dd4ab15a0583cb31de7856d9891b717aefc242c6fc068df60f5aa669fd1} of children take at least one vitamin and mineral product daily. But truth is, not all health supplements are exactly as they claim to be. Some contain ingredients in much lower, less significant amounts than what their labels show, while others don’t even contain those ingredients at all. The short of it is, you have to put a lot of care into choosing which supplements to take.

Here are the most important considerations you should make before buying a health supplement product:

Review the label.

Reading the label is always the first step, because it is your window to what’s inside. It gives you a picture of what the quality of the supplement is like.

Look for certification

First, look for the acronoym, USP, which stands for United States Pharmacopeia. Now under this, you should find “GNP” or Good Manufacturing Practices. Products that are USP and GNP-certified have met FDA regulations, indicating that the brand has been tested for consistency from bottle to bottle.

Know the price.

In many cases, cost and quality correlate, although the cheapest is not automatically the best. USP and GNP certifications cost a good amount of money, so not all supplement manufacturers will invest in third-party certification. One reason a higher-quality product is more expensive is that the manufacturer spent more money on quality control processes and equipment. But of course, while the cheapest isn’t always the best you can find, neither is the priciest.

Find out the other ingredients.

Good quality health supplements don’ have more than five items on their ingredient list. If there’s more, be careful. Also stay away from artificial flavors, added sugars, dyes and colors.

Watch out for potential allergens.

A lot of people are allergic to peanuts, seafood, wheat, dairy and other types of food. On the label of a high quality supplement, there will be a list of allergens it is free from.

Pick a good source.

Aside from the product itself, you should also take time to assess the quality of the source. For instance, before purchasing online, be sure to check on the website’s background before actually paying for anything. Read customer reviews, but stick to reputable third-party consumer websites for credibility. If you’re buying offline, pick a store that will probably have the freshest authentic products. There could be a difference between a supplement you purchased from a dedicated health shop, and one you got from a hair salon whose owner happens to sell random supplements as a sideline.

Lastly, do spend time researching on the various products available to you, as well where you can get them best. Compare prices but never choose based on price alone.

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